Role of family and friends in aftercare treatment

Some studies refer to addiction as a family disease and they are not far from the truth. Even though addiction largely affects the individual, it also affects the family in various aspects. Someone who is addicted would be a burden to the family financially, mentally and emotionally.

The same applies to friends. Addiction has the capacity to make two friends, strangers. If an addicted person has a friend during their addiction, there is a likely chance that the friend is also addicted.

This is one of the reasons why counselors require the presence of family and friends during addiction treatment.

The reason, is they provide support and care to their loved one. At first, it is not easy for them to do so. But with the help of the counselor and therapist, they will come to understand why they should care for their addicted loved one.

For aftercare treatment, the same principle applies. Family and friends need to know that the battle against addiction does not end with addiction treatment. It is a lifelong process that requires consistent follow-up, and this is why aftercare treatment comes into the picture.

The aftercare treatment is targeted at sustaining the sobriety of the individual. So, the chances of them relapsing is greatly reduced because they are receiving ample care and support. During aftercare treatment, the individual is expected to implement the skills learnt during the addiction treatment phase.

With family and friends in the picture, it is expected that the individual has full support to remain sober. They will encourage their loved one to live healthily by eating nutritious diet, undergoing physical activity and having enough rest.

When an individual does not have the backing of family and friends in aftercare treatment, it might be difficult to remain sober for long. Because either party might be a major factor that would trigger the addiction. And the individual would be back to their addiction all over again.

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