There are various obstacles when it comes to addiction recovery, and one of the strongest obstacles are the emotional and physical feelings we go through, which makes us want to go to the obsessive and compulsive act which we have left behind. These emotional and physical feelings are known as triggers, and they occur differently in people.

For some people, all they need to go back to an abusive habit, is to meet up with some loved ones and old friends. While some, by setting their eyes on a bar or a drink, they go back to their abusive habit. There are some people who live stress-filled lives, and this makes them rely on some abusive habits to get them back on track.

Irrespective of the source of the triggers, what matters is being aware of the fact that, they are an important feature of addiction recovery which cannot be sidelined. Hence, it is best to identify the source of these triggers, plan for them, and put measures in place to effectively tackle them at all phases in addiction recovery.

Identifying triggers is not an easy task however. Although, there are some symptoms which are results of addiction triggers and they are listed below:

Psychological symptoms

  • Reminder of the “feel good” experiences
  • Flashbacks to the past
  • Plans on getting those substances
  • Feelings of wanting those substances


Physical symptoms

  • Tightness in the stomach
  • Nervousness


The most effortless way to manage and prevent triggers, is to avoid them. It does not sound realistic in practical life, however, having the needed skills to effectively control them comes in handy. First off, you need to avoid triggers by letting go of certain habits and acts in your life. They might not be easy for you at first, but you need to be resolute about it.

The points below are effective measures for managing triggers in addiction recovery:

  • Engage in a distracting activity
  • Talk about it
  • Challenge your thoughts
  • Change your thoughts

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